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Rules & Regulations of

SpinNations Skating Center

By entering the building you are agreeing to the below terms & conditions.


Skate at Your Own Risk


Roller skating is a participation sport. There are certain risks which are associated with the sport of roller skating. When skating, you may fall for many different reasons. You can fall when you make contact with another skater or lose your balance due to your own or someone else’s inability to skate. Because of the normal risk of roller skating and maintaining one’s balance, you realize that when you roller skate you are assuming such risks. We are not responsible for any injuries which we cannot control due to impulse or spontaneous actions of a person who may cause you to fall. Every effort is maintained to keep skaters orderly and provide safety within our control.


SpinNations does NOT carry liability insurance. We do not recommend patrons to skate if they do not carry personal medical insurance, have existing injuries, illnesses, or are currently pregnant. 


Management reserves the right to Refuse Service to Anyone


We are a private facility and have the right to refuse admission/service to anyone and may ask you to leave the property. We do NOT allow any alcohol or illegal drugs, paraphernalia, weapons etc. If we suspect that you are under the influence of any substance we reserve the right to refuse admission or eject from the building without refund.




We do not allow loitering on the property. If you leave the building, you must pay admission to re-enter. Parents with Spectator Stickers may re-enter without re-payment for the same session.


No Outside Food/Drink Permitted | NO Gum Permitted.


No Outside Food or Drink Permitted at ALL. Birthday Cakes/Cupcakes are Permitted ONLY IF you have a Birthday Party Reserved or Pay the Walk-In Party Table Fee.

  • If caught with Food or Drink you will be asked to dispose of it or to leave the property.

  • If caught with Gum - there is a $5.00 Fine for the first offense. You will be asked to leave if caught again.


ALL ENTERING the building are charged a fee.


  • Any & All children ages (3-17) skating or not will be charged admission. 

  • Children 2 & under receive FREE General Admission but will be charged for rental skates if they would like to skate.

  • Non-Skating Adults (18+) are charged a spectator fee of $5 or skating entry of the session, whichever is less.


Dress Code: applies to Everyone including adults.
  • No tops with cut-outs, showing excessive cleavage or stomach.
  • No tube or strapless tops. 
    • Tank Tops & Spaghetti Strap top ARE permitted as long as they are NOT low-cut showing excessive cleavage.
  • No super short shorts, skirts, or spandex shorts. 
    • Skating in Dresses or Skirts is NOT recommended.
    • *Leggings ARE Permitted & do NOT have to be covered with an extra long shirt*
  • No bandanas. 
  • No inappropriate or graphic t-shirts. 
  • No sagging pants.
  • No visible undergarments. 
  • Hats are permitted inside the building but not on the skating surface.


Patrons Must Comply with Staff Instructions & Reserves the right to inspect skates, bags, etc at entry or anytime during your visit.


Sessions are pre-programmed and the staff is here for your safety. Please respect all instructions from staff. If there are any issues please see the Manager in the Cashier Booth. SpinNations has your safety as our top priority. We reserve the right to search any bags, skates, etc brought into the building. We also reserve the right to ask you to step thru our metal detector or use our metal detector wand. We can ask you to leave the property if we find any illegal or banned substance or items (ie drugs, alcohol, weapons, etc.) We also confiscate and dispose of any outside food or drinks not permitted inside the building.


We also reserve the right to inspect any and all skates brought into our building and used on our skating surface. Skates must be in good working function with all parts in good repair and installed. All inline skates must have ALL wheels it was built to have. All quad skates MUST have a toe plug or toe stop installed with no metal showing or be completely flat. You will be asked to remove the skates from the skating surface until the required repairs/changes are made.


Please Respect other Customers & the Building


No cursing - Fighting - Appropriate Dress Required. Casual dress is acceptable, just be neat and clean. Printing on shirts needs to be in good taste. No obscene words or pictures. No Sagging Pants or Belly Shirts.


We are NOT responsible for Lost/Stolen Items


Upon arrival please secure any and all items in your vehicle. Do not leave visible valuables & lock your doors. Once inside we have lockers available for rent by the skate rental counter for $0.50 each.


No Carrying Children While on Skates


While we encourage families skating together, we do NOT permit any persons on skates to carry a child at any time. This is for Your Child's safety. Even the best skaters fall at times, to carry a child and fall with them in your arms could cause major injury.


No Walking on the Skating Surface at any time.


We do not permit parents to walk on the skating floor with their children at any time unless its a special event directed by staff & management. We have a practice floor separate from the main skating surface built specifically for parents without skates on to assist their children. This is purely for the safety of our customers.


No Hats or Lose Articles on Skating Floor


No Hats, Purses, Sweaters/Jackets tied around your waist, etc. This is for the safety of yourself & other skaters. If you fall and your hat or jacket flies off, purse spills opens on the floor another skater can run over it and injury themselves as well.


SpinNations reserves the right to Change/Cancel/Modify any and all rules, policies, procedures, events, prices, itineraries, prizes, etc. at any time without notice.
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