Terms, Conditions & Policies of SpinNations Membership Plans:

General Membership Terms & Restrictions

1. Price is per month per child & includes tax.

2. Memberships are ONLY Valid for ages 3-17 years old.

3. Membership does NOT include Skate Rental or Skate Mates. Those must be purchased upon check-in for each session.

4. Members are required to physically have their card at EVERY Visit & to check-in at cashier booth.

5. Your membership is valid for General Admission for listed days, hours only & listed benefits.

6. Memberships do NOT include admission to Birthday Parties, All-Night Skates, Fundraisers, Field Trips, Classes or any other Special Events. 

7. We reserve the right to close the rink for private events and/or change plan items, and these dates will be posted on our website.

8. Memberships have no cash value & cannot be used in combination of other discounts, coupons, etc.

9. If you do cancel before the (12) months is up, there is a $50 cancellation fee.

10. Membership only includes (1) entry per time slot allotted. We have a NO In/Out Policy, if member leaves, they will need to pay to re-enter. 

11. Members acknowledge they are NOT permitted to bring in any Outside Food or Beverage at anytime (including but not limited to water bottles, fruit juice, fast food, coffee, ice cream, cake, etc.)

12. Members under the age of (10) are REQUIRED to have parents and/or guardian with them at all times. Parents are not permitted to drop off children ages 9 & under.

13. When a child 10 or older is dropped off, parents acknowledge SpinNations is NOT a child care facility. Children are required to be able to provide us with your contact information in case an injury occurs. 

Term Commitment, Lost/Stolen Card, Refund & Cancellation Policies

1. Membership period is a REQUIRED 12-month commitment.

2. After 12 month period has concluded, you will be required to renew your child's membership. 

3. Once the membership starts of year (2) you may cancel at any time via electronic form on website. We require a (30) day notice.

4. Memberships are per child & cannot be shared.

5. Members will be required to come in have their photo taken for their Membership Card.

6. If card is lost or stolen, you are required to report it to SpinNations Skating Center via electronic form in Members Only Area of our website.  Replacement Cards will have a $25.00 replacement fee if lost.

7. Members agree to the terms, conditions, & policies of SpinNations Skating Center. SpinNations can revoke or cancel membership without refund at any time if member does not follow facility rules and/or policies.

8. Memberships and/or Benefits cannot be shared or transferred.

9. There are NO Refunds of any kind on membership payments.

  • Upon cancellation, members are required to relinquish all membership cards and acknowledge that all benefits & perks are forfeited.

10. Members acknowledge SpinNations is a "Skate At Your Own Risk" Facility & does not carry liability insurance. SpinNations does NOT recommend joining or skating if you have a pre-existing medical condition, are pregnant, or do not have personal medical insurance.

11. Members are auto charged monthly per provided credit card.

Birthday Party Perks Redemption Terms:

1. Bronze party is valid for 9 guests + 1 Birthday child.

2. To book you must request via electronic form a coupon code in members area.

3. Upgrade options available at additional cost.

4. Full payment due at time of booking.

5. Bronze Party only valid for membership holder.

6. One party redemption per 12-month period - Membership account holder must have a valid Membership at the time of booking and at the time of the event for this membership benefit to apply. Membership benefits are not transferable.

7. Additional 5 guests Offer: Valid only for a PAID snackbar or walk-in birthday party & Cannot be combined with 10% Off Member Coupon or any other offer or promotion.

Per Visit Perks Terms & Conditions:

1. Each Member is entitled to (1) Small 8oz Soda & Personal Cheese Pizza per visit.

2. To redeem they will need to receive a printout from cashier booth upon check-in.

3. Member will need to turn print out in to Snack Bar to redeem.

4. Items are subject to availability & SpinNations reserves the right to substitute items if pizza or soda are not available.


Super Star - Learn to Skate Terms:

1. Super Star Members are entitled to (1) Learn to Skate Class per Week (Saturdays Only).

2. You have the choice of our morning Learn to Skate Class 11:30am-12:00pm or our Speed Skating Class 6:30-8:00pm.

3. You may only choose (1) type of class. If you want to take both classes or take a different time slot, you may pay for those changes separately. 

4. Upon enrollment you must select which class you prefer, so we can include your information to the correct Skating Coaches/Club managers.