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Event Venue Rental Options:

rink Space.jpg
  • Business Tradeshows/Expos

  • Concerts 

  • Birthdays

  • Bar Mitzvahs 

  • Sporting Events

  • & More

Even though we are a skating rink we have TONS of open space - perfect for:


  • Weddings 

  • Banquets 

  • Corporate Functions 

  • Seminars/Lectures 

  • Graduation/Award Ceremonies

  • Charity or Fundraiser Events


Our facility is 30,000 sq ft with a capacity of over 1,000 people. We have 4 options of venues for all different events:


  • Our Entire Facility including the 17,000 sq ft open hardwood floor (capacity 800-1000)

    • Great for: Large Events - weddings, banquets, awards/graduation ceremonies, dances, & more!

      • We can provide an Open Cafe for food/drink purchases.

      • Outside Catering & Table/Chair Rental would be required for larger events.

  • Cafe (capacity: 150-200) great meeting & dining area 

    • Breakfast & Lunch Option Available

  • Small Conference Room (capacity: 8-10): great meeting room or green room includes a private bathroom & kitchenette

    • Breakfast & Lunch Option Available

  • Lounge Room (capacity: 15-25): great small meeting room or green room.

    • Breakfast & Lunch Options Available


For select events we can offer small food menus such as breakfast or lunch options - for other major events outside catering would be required to be brought in. We do not offer alcohol but outside vendors can be hired to bartend. We have the seating capacity in our cafe but for larger events outside table/chair rentals would be required.

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